The most popular and universal art in the 21C is ourselves as art. We put more energy and material investment into our own appearance than anything else in our lives. Especially when we are young; and these days, youthfulness seems to last forever. Many of us spend countless hours in front of the mirror appraising our appearance. The egotistical visage is front and centre in most people’s lives for a very long time. Aesthetic cosmetic art has grown in acceptance and popularity over recent decades. What once was the domain of the rich and famous, is now, available in slums and middle suburbia.

Poorly Trained Cosmetic Technicians

There is a poorly trained technician with a laser or scalpel waiting for you at your local beautician and/or medical centre, it seems, these days. Most of these technicians do a 6-week course in cosmetic surgery; and there have been a number of unfortunate incidents due to medical negligence. My advice to you, is, if you are determined to go under the scalpel in search of cosmetic beauty, choose a proper plastic surgeon and pay the full whack for the service. Much better to be safe than very sorry and misshapen. The corrective surgery will cost you twice as much anyway.

Dental Art is Whiter & Straighter than Ever Before

Aesthetic cosmetic art is available via the dentist, as well, in the 21C. Teeth whitening, and straightening, are de riguour in the modern age. See here for yourself a prime example of a top-quality dental boutique. Going to the dentist is a whole new experience in 2018, with loads of options for all sorts of cosmetic dental procedures. Everyone wants a Hollywood smile, whether they live in Melbourne or Manchester. Is a dentist really an artist? Is a bell necessary on a bicycle?

The Art of Global Destruction

We all want to look good and swan about like celebrities in this day and age. We may be a blight on this planet, but we want to be an individually good-looking blight or blighter. We swarm upon the surface of this sphere, which is orbiting through the cosmos at speed, and we care more about our appearance than anything else. What hope is there for the earth really? Global warming is just the beginning folks. Fires and floods. Cyclones and tsunamis. Bad art. Broken teeth and lost fillings. A botched cosmetic procedure. All these factors are swirling around like numbers inside the head of an idiot savant. Heaven help us, even though I am an atheist.