Social-media-who-to-followArt plays a major role in our daily lives. It is not just for looking or admiring, it is also functional. Art surround us in different forms and it create a sense of joy. Today, art find its way with technology and social media. Social media provides visual and performing artist a place to promote their work and reach their audience. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and other social media sites work like a virtual gallery. It gives people a chance to find, share, comment and interact with the artist, just as they would in a real gallery showing.

If you’re a lover of the arts we can help you by compiling a list of who to follow on social media to stay cool and cultured:

Twitter - artist_a_day

Artist a Day @artistaday
Aims to raise awareness for fine art globally, through establishing connection between top emerging artist and people who love art. It curates contemporary art by featuring artist everyday.


Museum of Modern Art – @MuseumModernArt
The museum’s collection contains almost 200,000 works from around the world spanning the last 150 years. The collection includes an ever-expanding range of visual expression, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, design, photography, architecture, film, media and performance art.

NY Times Arts – @nytimesarts
New York Times arts and entertainment guide where you get noteworthy cultural events in New York and worldwide. Headlines come regularly and you can sort by theater, books, arts and more.

Yoko Ono @yokoono
Yoko is a multimedia artist, singer and peace activist who received Austria’s highest award for applied contemporary art. She has made significant philanthropic contributions to the arts, peace, disaster relief and other causes.

Art Lover @TopArtNews
Get the latest news from Twitter art gallery. TopArtNews is always looking for the next great artist while delivering up to the minute news.

The Art World @theartworld
The Art World is a Twitter account that feature artist around the world, art galleries, articles, art information, art movements, art history and much more.

ArtLog @artlog –
This is an interactive art and cultural directory where art meets design, music and technology. They are providing a comprehensive catalog of contemporary art, city and neighborhood guides, expert content, artist spotlights and commentary.

Estria @estria
Estria is a nonprofit organization using art in public to transform communities and bring attention to important local issues. They create innovative public art projects and education programs using art in public as a catalyst for community engagement.

Julia Forsyth @JuliaForsythArt
Julia is a linocut printmaker, painter, mixed-media artist, and art teacher. She tweets about art adventures with painting, linocut printmaking, drawing, and maps.

Pete Hobden @PeteHobden
Pete is a visual artist who started painting later in life. He is a member of the informal #Draw365 group on Twitter who is always there supporting the work of his fellow artists.

Elizabeth Fortescue @Ozartwriter
Visual arts writer, correspondent Daily Telegraph. She informs and entertains with news and views about the art scene in Sydney and all over Australia.

Social-media-FacebookBored Panda
Bored Panda is a leading art, design and photography community for creative people. Their submission platform helps artists and creators turn their stories into must-read viral content.



Laughing Squid
A daily dose of unique art, culture and technology from around the world. The Laughing Squid blog is run by founder Scott Beale, who is Publisher and Editor-In-Chief. They post about a variety of interesting things mostly relating to art, culture and technology.

Yatzer one of the most indispensable sources for design inspiration which features captivating far-reaching news stories, interviews and reviews from the creative world, covering areas such as design, architecture, travel, art, fashion, events etc.

Design Collector Network
This site has been online for 12 years; they post about art, design, sculpture, photography, tattoo, illustration, music, motion and graphic design.

This is an art and photo blog which was launched in 2008 by Vancouver-based artist Jeff Hamada. It aims to foster a community of people excited to go out and be creative, it has a soft spot for hand-made work by unknown people.

Instagram has become one of the Internet’s most popular social media networks. This photo sharing site is a great platform for artist to showcase their work and for followers to take a peek in the creative process.

JR is an awesome photographer who frequently shares his work in progress. Visit his instagram account to get an opportunity to enjoy moments captured by his artistic eye.



Evoca1 is a painter, designer and urban artist. He emerges art and humanity together to raise public awareness about poverty. If you love art and social commitment take a look at his photos on instagram.

DALeast is one of the most prolific artists of our time. He is the master of illusions, he combine lines and layering to make images appear as if they are about to jump off the canvas.

KAWS produces fine art via thoughtful interplay with consumer products and collaborations with global brands. Get a good view of contemporary culture from his Instagram post.

CYRCLE, the exciting duos are experts in street art. They drew a fine line within the urban art world through street campaigns, design, fine art, murals, and collaborations.

Social-media-TumblrHyperallergic Labs
Hyperallergic is a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today. It combines criticism, reporting, political activism and gossip on an almost-24-hour news cycle.



Contemporary Art Daily
This blog post provide selected contemporary art exhibitions from around the world, with new exhibitions posted each day. They are publishing high quality documentation from exhibitions ranging from major museums to young commercial galleries

Phone Arts
Phone Arts is an International collaborative project experimenting using only the mobile phone as the medium to create unique compositions. They explore the boundaries of the phone to create graphic illustrations and designs.

Museum Nerd
Museum Nerd explore museum exhibits and post about museums, art, history, education, museology, logophilia and punnery. It’s nerdy, educational and also entertaining.