Artists understand that any substance or thing can be a medium for art. If, perhaps, recognisable art began with the cave paintings and body art created by early humans, it employed the natural materials found with their environment. A case can be made for the premise, that, everything is art. Fashion and our attire is art. Architecture is, obviously, art; so the homes we live in and the structures we build are artforms in their own right. Today, we have computer art, graphics designed and created by software programs like Adobe. Can food be art? Of course, it can.

The White Plate as Canvas

Chefs and restaurateurs have known that food is art for eons. The dishes served to you, in their establishments, on those great big white plates, are painstakingly designed and crafted with attention to colour, texture and taste. White plates are canvases for the art that sits upon them. Swirls of sauce, frappes and foams, diagonal cuts of meat, and a myriad of shapes and mediums to entertain you visually and gastronomically. Food as art can be beautiful. It can be enticing. It can be gratifying. It can, also, be over the top (OTT). Personally, I have a few borders which I prefer not to see crossed, when it comes to the presentation of food on the plate.

The Kitchen is the Food Artist’s Studio

An artist’s studio is an integral part of the art creation process. Similarly, the kitchen is the food artist’s studio. A well-designed kitchen is a pre-requisite for the creation of good food as art. The myth of the artist in his dismal garret, is, just that, in the 21C. Artists and great home cooks demand a well-appointed space. Check out this site  for some excellent examples of top kitchen designs in Sydney. The selection of benchtop surface materials is extensive and the inventive layout of storage space will impress.

Make Art Wherever You Go

Can food be art? Some folks set themselves the task of making their lives a work of art. Each moment is an opportunity to create. Each meal can be a melding of elements. Every lunch and dinner can be something special. It does not take a large amount of money to live like this, it merely, takes imagination. Creative people love to play with the materials and substances around them. Prospero like, they transform the mundane into the magical. They make art wherever they go.