Agora-Gallery-NYCAgora Gallery – New York

Billions of searches are done with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines every month. It’s important to get the attention of people searching for art and galleries. People use keywords or phrases into search engine to find what they are looking for. Being on the first page of Google or other search engines ensure that your gallery is easily found by qualified people. Can Search Engine Optimisation Help Art Galleries To Rank Better on Google?

SEO or search engine optimisation makes website not only search engine friendly but visitor friendly. Ensuring that your website is optimised will increase your chances of ranking better. To have your gallery website indexed by search engine, a crawler follows links, read their contents, and add that info into their database. SEO entails everything from incorporating keyphrases, into headings and content, to adding alt tag and title descriptions to links and images. Traffic to your gallery site can substantially grow with proper search engine indexing.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Art gallery-SF MOMAKeywords are important to attracting search engine indexing and rankings. Keywords or phrases are content or subject that people will enter into search queries to find information on your website. The higher the ranking the more prominent they become and the more weight it is on search engine. They place high level of importance on website authority and how the website content and structure relates to a     search.

Every time you link to a post, page or other site, you are giving link juice from every single post you are linking from. Having other sites link to your website increases site authority. Having your gallery linked to gallery directory website does not have as much authority as having a prominent newspaper or art authority link back to your site in a review. A large number of social network sharing will also help make you an authoritative site.

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

Tokyo-Opera-City-Art-GalleryContent and structure of your art gallery and how it relates to search inquiry is an important factor for search engine. Google look in the text on each page as well as the title page, headline, meta description and alt text for keywords that are relevant to search terms. Aside from the artworks, make sure the content of our pages are engaging. Write your content with the viewers in mind. The

content should include keywords you want to rank for but do not overdo it. Compelling content encourages the viewers to share your content. Keep your pages fresh and updated with regular content.

Soho Galleries Sydney

Soho-Galleries-SydneyUse relevant heading tags and meta descriptions. Meta data shows up in search results and it tells the search engines and viewers what your website is about. Refrain from using the gallery name as the standard title tag across the whole website. Use this opportunity to tell the search engine about your individual page.


Make your gallery images relevant by saving your images with file names that makes sense. Traffic to your gallery can substantially grow if the search engines properly index your images. Use alt and title descriptions to have your images indexed where you want them to be. Put the artist name and the name of the artwork when you save the jpg image, this way the artist will be mentioned again to be indexed. This will make the image and the page more relevant in a search for the artist and the artwork.

Saatchi Gallery – London


Search engine optimisation can help your art gallery to rank in Google. Having a good SEO strategy is important to leverage your website with million internet searchers. Implement those strategies by doing keyword research and looking at your current rank. Evaluate your ranking regularly to see where you stand and if there’s an improvement. SEO results take some time, monitor your progress and reevaluate to find the perfect mix to see if your efforts are worthwhile.