Can-you-become-an-artist-later-in-lifeMany people dream of becoming an artist. Some are just lucky enough to start in the artistic profession early in life. Most of them are introduced in the realm of art by artistic parents or grew in supportive environment. For many of us, art was an early passion that got stifled out of necessity, as we pursued careers in different fields to make a living or being busy with other responsibilities.

Do you want to start an artistic career, but felt it was too late? Can you still become an artist later in life? I have met many people in their sixties and even eighties who discovered their artistic capabilities and managed to create masterpieces. People who create are artist. You can be an artist by creating and bringing your passion to life. Talent is not necessary just do something that comes easily and improve on it. You don’t have to be oil painter to be an artist. There are many unconventional ways to express your creativity. You can even experiment with the new digital technology for creative expression.

It’s never too late to start moving your life to the direction of your passion. Creative pursuit knows no age, creative expression may involve art, craft, singing, dancing, acting and learning an instrument or any other medium. Many people who pursue art after retiring from their primary careers talk about feeling of achievement and creating a legacy.

Art therapy encourages people to express emotions through artistic expression. It provides relaxation and stress relief promoting physiological healing. It can be particularly useful for women who are having difficulty adjusting emotionally to menopause. Art therapy together with menopause treatments can help women come to terms creatively in this new phase of their lives. Focusing in art is a way to use the time of menopause to creatively explore yourself.

Recent studies made by neuropsychologists and other scientists confirmed that age 60 and beyond may be the best time in life to take up different art forms like writing, playing musical instrument, visual art like painting, sculpting or photography. The brain continues to grow new connections and become more efficient with age, contrary to what we believe. Creating art keeps the brain in top condition. Wisdom amassed over years of experience enhances the expression of art.

Van Gogh, Matisse and Cezanne are among the great artist who started their painting careers later in life. Here’s a list of artist that prove that it’s never too late to pursue a career in the arts. Please share this with people you know who’s afraid about starting new creative pursuits, these late-bloomers have demonstrated that you should always try to do what you love doing, no matter how old you are.

Louise Bourgeois
An artist and sculptor who reached her greatest artistic success in her seventies and eighties. Among her works of art was her largest spider sculpture titled “Maman” which was a sculptural tributes to motherhood.

Kathryn Bigelow
American filmmaker and television director. She was the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director with the war film The Hurt Locker when she was 57. She was named to the Time 100 list of most influential people in 2010.

Millard Kaufman
Novelist who published his debut novel, “Bowl of Cherries,” when he was 90 years old. He is the co-creator of “Mr. Magoo,” and wrote two Oscar-nominated screenplays.

Mary Delany
A famous decoupage artists who began her career at the age of 71. She created detailed imitations of plants or paper collages, creating over 1,000 paper flowers in the last years of her life.

Herbert Ferber
A painter and sculptor who only gave up his dentistry practice when he was in his mid-60’s when he felt confident enough to work full-time on his art. His sculptures were among the earliest Abstract Expressionist sculptural pieces during his time.