They say that real beauty is timeless. Yeh, who says that? There is much written about beauty, almost as much as about love. The two are, often, interlinked or at least holding hands. You see, the fact is, that both of these concepts are charades or smoke screens, thrown up by nature. Underneath both of these fair maidens lie beastly truths about procreation and the survival of the species. Romantic love is like a fairy tale told to unsuspecting children before their innocence is dashed away by the spiteful reality of life. The new beauty seeks to subsume the place of the old beauty. And we are not talking about Golden Retrievers or pet horses here.

The Cruel Old Beauty Business

The old beauty was founded on the misery of countless mice, rabbits, and creatures like them. Beauty products were tested on animals in their hundreds of thousands, possibly millions over the entirety of the industry’s history. Cute little innocent creatures were tortured and slaughtered in the name of face creams and makeup. Women were adorning their features in the blood of those sacrificed on the altar of their vanity. The new beauty seeks to do away with these barbaric practices. Cosmetics and skin care products need not cost the lives of so many innocent animals.

A New Generation of Cruelty Free Beauty Products

A new generation of cruelty free and vegan cosmetics are now available globally. Click here for more and to peruse the range of a quality manufacturer of these products. Consumers can choose to do the right thing in the 21C. There are online businesses supplying these products nationally and internationally. There really is no excuse for sticking your head in the sand, when it comes to animal rights and ending cruelty to animals. The new beauty has luscious colours and textures available via countless mediums without the caged cruelty of bygone years.

The Lexicon of the Beauty Business

Lip glosses, lip balms, lip liquids, lip sticks, luscious lips come in many different flavours and formulations. Rich eye lashes. Mascara. Skin tonics and polishes. Blushes and metallic creams. Palettes, bronzers, pigments, eyeshadows, body glows, foundations, velvet, satin, powders, and more. This is the lexicon of the beauty business. These are the terms and descriptive names of a legion of cosmetic products. All of these exceptional products are available cruelty free. No longer do you have to silently put up with the old beauty paradigm.